Farming Practices

In 2000, Fred Cline—in conjunction with Bob Cannard—began using a natural method of farming they call Green String. Going beyond the organic and sustainable labels, the Green String method doesn't use toxic chemicals for pest and weed control. Instead, the soil is enhanced and sustained using compost teas, crushed minerals, and ground-up oyster shells.

Friendly insects are introduced to control harmful ones. Weeds not used as ground cover or for compost are removed by hungry sheep, or picked by hand. Crop cultivation is routinely reduced so the soil retains the optimum amount of nutrients and vitality. 

We manage our water use carefully, to make sure the vines get what they need, but grow deep roots to guarantee intense and flavorful fruit.

The result of the Green String method is soil that is strong, healthy, and vibrant. That in turn produces the most flavorful, robust fruit. You can definitely taste the difference in each bottle of Cline Cellars wine.

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