4 Reasons Why the 2015 Vintage Will Knock Your Socks Off

Harvest Update: September, 2015

  1. Warm winter, cool spring: The cool, dry growing season made for smaller berries with bigger flavor.
  2. Ripe, flavorful and intense fruit: Just after starting our first harvest of the ancient vine vineyards in Oakley on August 5 (the earliest I can recall), we were hit with a series of 100+ degree days, which supercharged ripening and our harvesting.
  3. More hang time: Our Sonoma vineyards were not quite ready despite the heat wave, and then things cooled off. This gave our estate grapes more hang time, and as of this writing most of our Sonoma vineyards have yet to be harvested.
  4. No El Nino…yet: We’re hoping the predicted El Nino holds off until harvest is in. That is good news because: 1) harvest storms are neither good for our grapes nor our workers, and 2) once harvest is completed the vineyards will benefit from the water.

The fruit is excellent so far, and I foresee a 2015 vintage of well-balanced, terroir-driven wines with great flavor and character.

From Charlie Tsegeletos, Winemaker