Ancient Vines Mean Great Wines!

Our Bridgehead Zinfandel is one of our prized Single Vineyard wines. Hailing from Oakley, CA these vines have quite a long history (literally long: with their roots reaching up to 20 feet underground!). With the average age of these vines at 140 years, they are some of our oldest and produce some pretty powerful juice.

So how did these vines survive for so long? Well, a couple reasons. First, they were phylloxera-resistant because they were planted in sandy soil; the phylloxera louse, which devastated a good portion of American vineyards in the late 1900’s, was deterred by the sand and sun found in the Oakley vineyards. Secondly, these vineyards are dry-farmed meaning we don’t irrigate them at all! Their roots struggle deeper and deeper to find water, which in turn strengthens the vines creating more durability.

With dry-farming the goal is not quantity but quality: these vines produce far less fruit than irrigated vines, but with much more concentration, which is what we love in our Zin! We truly believe that wine is made in the vineyard and this wine comes from an incredible source. In addition the 2012 vintage was a warm one, so don’t be surprised by the punch this wine packs!

Look for flavors of cooking spices, toasted vanilla, and blackberry with layers of complexity on the palate and enjoy a truly ancient wine! Let us know what you think!