Top 5 baseball foods to pair with Cline SF Giants Pinot Gris

August 1, 2016

Whenever we go to a baseball game, we look forward to eating all that incredible food that just doesn’t taste the same anywhere else! We weren’t convinced that we couldn’t replicate these dishes at home, so we remade some of our favorite traditional baseball foods and paired them with our Club Series SF Giants Pinot Gris and watched the game from the couch!

Here are the top 5 baseball foods to pair with the Giants Pinot Gris:

Garlic Fries: Although homemade garlic fries will never measure up to those Gilroy Garlic Fries you get at AT&T Park they come in a close second! Garlic is usually pretty hard to pair with wine but this light refreshing Pinot Gris is a wonderful compliment to one of our favorite baseball foods.
Hot Dog: Nothing says baseball more than a hot dog- We like sauerkraut and mustard on our dogs and this screams for a crisp white wine to match the acid of those toppings- Pinot Gris and a hot dog make the perfect duo!
Peanuts: Not exactly something we had to make but a classic baseball food! This is definitely the most fun to eat baseball snack, especially when the game is close. But salty peanuts need a bright juicy white wine to pair with, the Pinot Gris is a great accompaniment!
Pizza: Pizza and Pinot Gris are a classic pairing. You really can’t go wrong here! We made a simple margherita pizza- Mozzarella, Basil, and Tomato. The freshness of the basil really pairs well with the herbaceous quality of the wine!
Nachos: Think melty orange cheese and spicy Jalapenos! It really doesn’t get much better. Finding a wine to pair with this is tricky, you want something that cuts through that creamy (delicious) nacho cheese but something that won’t make the jalapeños too spicy. The SF Giants Pinot Gris is a great balance with just enough acidity but a wonderful fruit quality that eases the spice of the Jalapeno! A Grand Slam!

Happy Eating!