Lemongrass Balsamic Spritzer

This incredibly refreshing and crisp spritzer is the perfect summertime refreshment... The Lemongrass Spritzer is quite the crowd-pleaser! It's a little sour, a little sweet, and full of flavor! The floral notes of the lavender truly complement the fresh and subtle sweetness of the Lemongrass Balsamic Vinegar. This drink is easy to mix together and provides a fantastic way to use White Balsamic Champagne Vinegar in the kitchen! Substitute seltzer water for Nancy's Cuvee for a non-alcoholic option.


2 Teaspoons Lemon Juice
1 Sprig of Lavender
1 Tablespoon Lemongrass Balsamic Vinegar
Cline Cellars Nancy's Cuvee Sparkling Wine
Sliced Lemon Wheel and Lavender Sprigs (For Garnish)


Muddle the lemon juice, lavender, and White Balsamic Champagne Vinegar together.
Strain the mixture and pour into a glass for serving.
Top the mixture with Nancy's Cuvee Sparkling Wine.
Garnish with lavender sprigs and lemon wheel.