Live Oak Zinfandel - Zin Lovers Only!

Cline Family Cellars Zinfandel

Have you tried any of our famous single-vineyard Cline Zinfandels? If you have, you know that each is distinct in character and flavor profile, but we often get the question: How do you make these wines stand out on their own when the vineyards they're coming from are less than 5 miles apart?

We challenge ourselves to make four distinct, complex, and interesting single vineyard Zinfandels all hailing from Contra Costa County. Our single vineyard Live Oak Zinfandel is no exception, this wine is made for the flavor seekers, the big zinfandel drinkers, and the big-bodied wine chasers!

This wine truly expresses the terroir of the Live Oak Vineyard, which is lots of hot sun - one of our hottest vineyards in the area, the grapes are almost raisined when we bring them into the winery, we have a heavy extraction period, meaning we leave the juice on the skins for a longer period of time extracting all the flavor and tannin that we can - making this a wine that's more complex and full of flavor. We make sure that our Live Oak Zin is known for its ripeness level and its individuality.

But what's unique about this wine, and all of our wines coming from the Contra Costa County area, are the old vines that produce this fruit. This isn't just some over extracted, hot grape growing area that has no character, no - no, far from it! Like the rest of our Oakley vines - the Live Oak Vineyard was planted well over 100 years ago by Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian immigrants and are all own-rooted, dry farmed (meaning there's no irrigation), and head trained! Just an incredible site to see.

We of course make other single vineyard zinfandels that are more finessed, less fruit driven, and more earth note driven, but if you're a classic zinfandel lover and you like the big bold notes sweet berries, fig, spice, and licorice, than this wine is DEFINITELY for you!

Check it out here!