Snooth Review of our 2014 Ancient Vines Mourvedre Rose Dec. 2015
Snooth review of our 2014 Ancient Vines Mourvedre Rose.

This winter, I am heading back home for the holidays and I am already dreading it. I certainly love my family, and I know it will be good to see them, but it will not take long before I will need a glass of wine or seven to get through it. That is where the problem comes in: with one notable exception (me) the members of my family are not wine drinkers. My brother drinks Miller Lite (not Coors Lite), my sister drinks Pepsi (not Coke), and my mother drinks milk (Whole, not skim--although she will occasionally have a half a glass from the Franzia box of White Zinfandel that she has had in the fridge for the last four years). Yeah, pretty grim. In the past, within minutes of landing, I would head to the local wine store and put down a good chunk of cash to buy a few bottles of rather nice wine to consume over the course of my stay. I did that, at least in part, with the hope that I would be able to convert at least one of them into becoming a wine lover. Well, after a couple years of seeing nearly filled to the rim glasses of Chassagne-Montrachet get poured out after one sip, I have decided to head down a slightly different path. This year, I am still going to make my annual pilgrimage to the wine shop, but this time, I will grab a few bottles of wine that won't sting as much when my brother-in-law empties his red solo cup that I had just filled with wine in order to make himself a rum and coke (minus the coke). When I hit the store this go around, I am heading right for the 2014 Cline Mourvèdre Rosé (Retail $14). Cline wines are some of the best values in the market and they are fairly easy to find across the country. This rosé is one of my favorites and it meets my main criterion when going pink: It is a pressed wine (not a saignée), meaning the fruit was grown with the intention of making a rosé. It packs a delightfully fruity nose of strawberry and bing cherry and that fruit and the acidity compliment each other well on the palate, making this a great sipper as well as a bottle for the holiday table (yes, it is OK to drink rosé in the winter!). $14? Buy it like I plan to do: By the case. Very Good to Outstanding. 88-90 Points.

Jeff Kralik, The Drunken Cyclist