Why the horse statue?

Nancy Bunting Cline, co-owner of Cline Cellars, has always been a devoted equestrian. When she was 13 years old, she used to ride at a horse ranch owned by Haddon Salt. If you’re of a certain age, you may recall the ubiquitous fish and chips chain, H. Salt, Esq. It was he who owned the ranch, which featured a semi-enclosed riding area (there was no roof). Nancy loved the ranch, and wondered how in the world someone could ever own something so beautiful – 350 acres of pastoral fields and hillsides, spring-fed ponds and a beautiful old farmhouse that was built in 1853. Twenty years later, Haddon Salt decided to sell his ranch. The purchasers were Fred and Nancy Cline, who recreated the property as the home of Cline Cellars. Her dream came true, and today that riding area is now the Cline Cellars barrel room (they installed a roof). The ponds and farmhouse remain, but the fields are now used for growing grapes instead of grazing horses. To honor the property’s days as a horse ranch, there is a horse statue between the tasting room (formerly the farmhouse) and the Pendulum Clubroom.