2016 Roussanne Marsanne

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Finally, a white wine that red lovers will covet. Aromatic, clean, and richly flavorful.

There are a scant four acres of our Sonoma Coast Estate Marsanne that contribute to this blend. Our Carneros vineyard is known for its cool and moderate temperatures which allow for long ripening time and full flavor development. The 2016 vintage Roussanne was grown in two locations. The first location is on our Sonoma Coast estate vineyards where fog filters in and lingers to keep temperatures cool imparting bright citrus flavors and crisp acidity. The second location is nestled high above Clear Lake in Lake County where cool evenings are followed by hot daytime temperatures. The fruit from these northern vineyards add ripe, rich fruit character to the blend.

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The grapes are handpicked and conveyed to our de-stemmer. This gentle process ensures a smooth tasting blend. The grapes are then pumped directly to our tank press which gently squeezes the juice free of the skins and seeds. From there the juice is pumped to a settling tank where it is chilled to 55F.

Wine Type
White Wine
64% Roussanne
36% Marsanne
North Coast
Harvest Date
September 12 - October 10
Alcohol %

Tasting Notes & Pairings

This blend has notes of honey, orange and pineapple with a wonderful mineral character. We did not expose the wine to oak aging allowing the wine to remain fresh and lively.