Farmhouse Wines

Farmhouse was born out of the desire to not only create a clean, herbicide and chemical free wine, but also to teach future generations about what it means to farm with nature, not against it.

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Farmhouse White

When selecting grapes for this wine, we were particularly conscious of the intensity of the fruit, the acid balance, and the characteristics each varietal offered to the blend as a whole. The final wine delivers bright, crisp flavors of tropical fruit and lime with a fresh, clean finish.

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Farmhouse Red

Our winemaker, Charlie Tsegeletos, allows grapes to tell their story. He doesn’t over-oak or manipulate the wines. Instead, Charlie uses blending to highlight and showcase the best that mother nature offers from each vintage. This is a medium-bodied, luscious red wine with nicely balanced acidity, plum, chocolate, and berry notes and a smooth, rich finish.

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