2016 Syrah

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This wine is the epitome of savory. It’s a medium-bodied wine with cracked black pepper and black cherry.
Syrah is a fantastic grape to work with in the cellar. The deep red-purple color explodes and fascinates each time it is poured into a glass. Its origins stem from the Rhône Valley.

This Syrah is grown in our Sonoma Coast vineyards.The small addition of Viognier both softens the wine and brings up the fruit character in subtle ways.The combination of warm days, foggy mornings and cool evenings make our Sonoma Coast vineyard some of the most highly regarded in California. What these vineyard conditions translate into in terms of Syrah is a deep concentration of fresh blueberry fruit, dark color, pepper, and supple tannin.

The winemaking techniques we use on our hand-picked “Sonoma County Syrah” begins with the gentle de-stemming of the grapes and then pumping direct to tanks without crushing. This technique preserves a number of whole berries, providing nice fruit and well-balanced tannins.

Indigenious yeast does the work and we maintain a moderate fermentation temperature in closed stainless steel tanks. The wine is “pumped-over” two to three times a day until we make the decision to press the wine from the skins. It is then aged on medium toasted French oak (40% new), which provides a vanilla and butterscotch character.

Wine Type
Red Wine
Sonoma County
Harvest Date
September 28 - 30
12 months
Alcohol %

Tasting Notes & Pairings

This wine is the epitome of “savory”. It’s a medium bodied wine with cracked black pepper and flavors of black cherry. It shares a kinship with Syrah from the Rhone Valley in France. This wine is a great match for grilled Salmon and sautéed vegetables served over pasta.